Some of the design stories behind our products; Barefoot designs, striving to marry beauty with practicality, as well as those we select because they're cornish or beautiful design or ethical.
We've also put them in our barefoot collections for you

Seaweed - Barefoot Design Story

Open publication

Jon surfs, he surfs a lot.
We don't mind because he always comes back a nicer person, more mellow,
and more often than not with ideas, stuff he's had time to think about whilst
sitting out the back waiting for a wave. And once he came back with seaweed!
At certain times of the year there's more seaweed in the water. You notice it when
paddling on your board, it gets tangled around your leash and your legs.
You have to pull it off and fling it back into the water. It's then that you notice
how beautiful it is, so graceful floating in slow motion, moving with the current.
So we laid out his piece of seaweed and thought about how we could share its
natural beauty, without the slime or the smell! We love textiles, so we screen printed
it in our favourite colours from the cornish pallette, onto crisp white and slate grey
cotton and brought them into the kitchen as essential must haves. We like to hang
our seaweed tea towels on the aga and wear the aprons in the Barefoot Kitchen cafe.

Seaglass - Barefoot Design Story

Collecting sea glass has always been an obsession of mine, I'm a sea glass addict,
jam jars of sea glass sit in rows on the window sill sparkling in the sunlight.
Little piles of frosted glass sit on the kitchen dresser, the bedside table or the laundry room
where we empty our pockets. We can't walk across the beach without a downward glance,
it's therapeutic, it's fascinating and sometimes even competitive!
How long does it take for the waves to tumble them til they are smooth enough?
Where have they travelled from to end up on our shores?
The colours vary from frosted white, soft aquas, amber and burnt sugary browns,
blue is a rare find, as are the little pieces of pottery with their delicate sand blasted patterns.
These are my jewels, my treasures.
My design approach has always been, less is more, the simplicity of letting the object be hero.
These jewels need no embellishment, the idea came to me not long after my daughter had
her ears pierced, seaglass stud earrings, no two pieces are the same, they are as individual as you.
So now after a walk on the beach and emptying our pockets, we wash the seaglass,
match up similar colours and shapes and give them new life.
The irony is....I don't have pierced ears!

Bootloop, our welly boot rack - Barefoot Design Story

We live in Cornwall, we love it, but when it rains, it rains a lot.
So when we're not enjoying the sunshine in flipflops, or barefoot on the beach,
we're wearing our wellies. But the trouble with wellies is, they get muddy, and
when the sun is shining they sit in a pile by the door, looking, well, untidy,
not good if you're a tidy freak like me. We didn't have a boot rack because frankly
all the ones we've seen are ugly, not good if you're a design freak like jon…
So jon being up for a challenge took it upon himself to apply his function and form
design disciplines to solve the boot storage issue. A few mellow waves to free up
the mind, a bottle of red and a sketch pad, the flowing lines of the bootloop were born.
The sculptural influences of mother nature, Henry Moore and the Bauhaus movement,
combined into what we think is an art form, as well as a practical piece of kit.
You can even use the curves as a boot jack to remove your muddy wellies.
Finding someone to make them for us was another challenge, but after a lot
of searching we found Ian who makes stuff out of steel, by hand in cornwall.
The wellington boots sit happily by the door, in the sunshine, and when it rains
the bootloop becomes a piece of sculpture. Wellie storage problem solved!